Does Chris Zylka Hate Shirtless Scenes?

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Here at Secret Circle HQ, we’re feeling a little down about the rapidly approaching bikini season. It was a long, delicious winter, and while we regret not a single gingerbread man, we’re not really thrilled about getting next-to-naked for all of Long Beach anytime soon. Not feeling super bootylicious at the moment, that’s all we’re saying. And you know who feels our pain? Chris Zylka. Yes, Chris Zylka, he of the rock hard abs and delicious thighs that parade across our screens every week. He feels fat sometimes. Stars, they’re just like us!

We think he looks a-mazing but in an interview with, Chris explained that he has some body image issues.

In your past work, most of your characters have generally wound up naked at some point. Are you surprised it took nine episodes before that happened on The Secret Circle?
I was so surprised. [Laughs] I really was. And I came in in pretty decent shape, but then as episodes went by, nothing. Then I got a phone call the day before we filmed that scene—it was just after Christmas. I just got so nervous about having my shirt—I have like the worst body issues ever…

I even called [Executive Producer] Andrew Miller, and I was like, “Can we please just keep his shirt on one more episode and I’ll get in the best shape? Please, dude, please.” And he couldn’t because it tied into the episode we’d filmed before the holiday break.

What? indeed! Boy looks amazing! In fact, he looks so amazing that we’re celebrating his lovely bod with a slideshow of his best shirtless moments below. And you know what else? We’re taking Chris’ words as opportunity to remind ourselves that what we actually look like rarely corresponds to what we think we look like — and how we feel is way more important. We’re gonna put on a little Destiny’s Child and shake it out — Long Beach you better start getting ready for this jelly right now. Chris, if you’re out there, shake it off with us.

Chris starred in ABC Family's 10 Things I Hate About You.

Photo credit: ABC Family

For a family channel, they sure had him naked a lot.

Photo credit: ABC Family

All the time really.

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Seriously guys? Not that we're complaining or anything...

Photo credit: ABC Family

And in the indie movie Kaboom, Chris got up to some very NSFW nakedness with Thomas Dekker

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There's our boy! Chris Zylka rocks Chance Harbor as Jake, the shirtless wonder

Photo credit: The CW

Are we not helping Chris’ body images issues by oogling him? Or are we helping him love himself by loving him too? Hmm… Discuss in the comments!


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