Exclusive! Phoebe Tonkin Talks Fashion, The Secret Circle Cast, & Loving Damon!

We have such a girl crush on Phoebe Tonkin. Don’t get us wrong — we love her alter-ego Faye too but she freaks us out a little. Phoebe’s got all the charm and cool of Faye but without Faye’s freakiness. Check out part two of our exclusive interview, and prepare to fall in love with this easy-going Aussie too!

Let’s talk about the fashion on the show. What do you think about it so far?
Phoebe Tonkin: It’s great! I mean we have the most fabulous costume designer. Her name’s Katia, and she is amazing. You know, I think she definitely has made our characters very different in the way that we dress. I mean for Faye she’s kind of put in a lot of tight stuff because I think Faye like using her sexuality especially around guys and I think that’s kind of another one of the powers that she uses to get what she wants. But it’s also just kind of cool. I mean it’s all kind of slouchy and dark and they have lots of jewelry and lots of texture. Yeah, it’s cool that the show is kind of developing its own kind of style that kind of goes between looking witchy and also being kind of modern and what kids are really wearing at school for the moment.

How is your style either completely similar or totally different from Faye? Do you have any similarities?
Phoebe Tonkin: Yeah! There’s definitely like you know the little skirts and the ballet flats. I live in ballet flats and skirts and you know big t-shirts are my kind of go-to outfit. But I probably wear a few more colors and less jewelry. I’m a bit more simple. I kind of live in just simple…I like things that are just kind of straight. I try to be comfortable.

Who off-set are you closest to?
Phoebe Tonkin: Truly it’s such a difficult… I’m close to everyone. It’s really funny. We work like 15-hour days together and then even after that we’ll all be like, “Wanna hang out and watch a movie or go get dinner?” So, we all get along real well and I’m so fortunate because if you’re around these people every single day and you don’t get along then…it’s also like a chemistry thing cause it looks on screen like we’ve known each other since we were basically toddlers. So, the chemistry has to look real and it’s lucky that it is.

You mention you guys hang out and watch movies. Do you have a favorite place to hang out or a favorite movie to watch together?
Phoebe Tonkin: Thomas is the go-to. He’s like a walking encyclopedia of films. So, a lot of the time we end up at Thomas’ with a few different films and we just watch them and we test him on his choices.

Were you a fan of The Vampire Diaries before getting cast?
Phoebe Tonkin: I started watching Vampire Diaries just after I filmed the pilot, and it’s great. I’m up to the second season now, and it’s awesome. I know Shelley and I started watching it around the same time and we kind of like talked to each other and were like, “Wow, like, this is so cool. What an honor that we’re following this show because it is so good.” So, hopefully the people that are watching that show will like our show because The Vampire Diaries is really, really cool.

Are you Team Damon or Stefan?
Phoebe Tonkin: Damon, all the way.

How come?
Phoebe Tonkin: It’s a funny role. He has a sense of humor even though he’s so dark and gets away with doing all these bad things, but you never actually kind of judge him because the character is such a joy to watch.

What do you think? Total girl crush material, right?