The Secret Circle March Madness: Final Round!

The Secret Circle

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have come to the final round of The Secret Circle March Madness. This is the World Series of magical romance! The Super Bowl of witchy hookups! The Stanley Cup of supernaturally enhanced love affairs! The (insert your favorite major sports trophy) of incredibly hot teen witches being hot together!

We started our tournament with a bevy of brackets of Secret Circle romances, canon, fanon, and totally random. Then, round by round, you voted on your favs and kicked the other pairings to the curb. Sorry losers! Work hard, keep practicing your make-outs and hook-ups and maybe you’ll have better luck next year!

Now, we’re down to the good stuff — nay, the great stuff. We’ve narrowed down the hot Secret Circle couples to the hottest of the hot: The Secret Circle March Madness Final Round is a battle between Jake & Cassie and Faye & Diana!

Jake & Cassie
On the show, Cassie is torn between destined true love Adam and badass bad boy Jake. In Round Four, the battle for her affection was just as fierce! The vote was close but ultimately, you decided Cassie should laugh in the face of destiny, and get with Jake. We can see your point — the UST between Cassie and Jake is fire-starting hot. Heat aside, they do have a deeper connection too  — they inspire each other to be better, more dynamic people. When Jake fell for Cassie, he switched alliances in the epic Witches v Witch Hunters war. And when Cassie needs someone, she turns to Jake because she senses she can trust him.

Faye & Diana
This pairing may not be canon but the fandom knows a good thing when they see it! Faye and Diana have amazing chemistry. We love that the ladies are so different — Diana is an organizer! Faye loves chaos! — but so in sync with each other. Though they’re not hooking up on the show, it does look like we’ll be seeing more of these two together — Diana promised to rekindle their relationship after letting it fall to the wayside during her romance with Adam.

Game clock starts now! Vote! Vote! Vote! Voting ends when The Secret Circle ends today, March 15th at 10/ 9 central!

March Madness Final Round!

  • Jake & Cassie (8%, 91 Votes)
  • Faye & Diana (92%, 1,062 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,153

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Who’s gonna win?! Who should win?! Discuss in the comments! Campaign for your favorite couple to win The Secret Circle March Madness Final Round!


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