Twitter Roundup! Pics fromThe Secret Circle Cast

We know Thanksgiving is old news but we can’t resist being thankful for one more thing: Twitter. Thank goodness that insidious little time waster was invented! As we struggle through our Secret Circle dry-spell, we’re comforted by the nuggets of cuteness found on the accounts of our beloved Secret Circle cast. Click on for the very finest in twitpic picks from Thomas Dekker, Britt Robertson, Phoebe Tonkin, Shelley Hennig, and Chris Zylka.

Shelley and Chris Rock Snuggies!

Shelley snapped this shot of @ShelleyHennig and @ChrisZylka making the infamous wearable blanket look cool.

The Righteous Dudes of TSC

Shelley caught @ChrisZylka and@theThomasDekker looking hot.


Speaking of@ChrisZylka , he tweeted this shot of his adorable dog.

Phoebe Tonkin: Actress/ Artist

The sassiest witch in Chance Harbor has hidden talents! @1phoebeJtonkin tweeted her latest masterpiece.

Faye and Cassie will probably never act like this.

@1phoebeJtonkin and@realbritt_Rob are BFFs in real life.

Cassie needs a little boast to see eye to eye with the Circle.

Platform Uggs? We know the extra lift is just to give @realbritt_Rob a little more height but in our dreams, Cassie is totally moonlighting in a girl band.

The Secret Circle: Brought to you by Apple!

@realbritt_Rob gave us this peek at the Circle checking in with twitter.

What's this? A Diadam date?

@theThomasDekker's snap reminds us of happier days for Chance Harbor's first couple.

Back from the dead!

Who do we spy on @theThomasDekker's twitter page? Our dear pal Louis Hunter!

Who took the best photo? Discuss!

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